Should You Let Your Dog/Cat Sleep In Bed With You?


Being a mommy to a very attention-seeking puppy-at-heart, I can fully understand your trouble with having pets take up all your personal space, especially while trying to sleep. Initially I tried to make a separate bed for him but he just wouldn’t have any of it. Eventually I had to learn to have him sleep in bed with me but then there’s always the question, “Is it safe for your pet to sleep in the same bed as you?”

Pets and Beds

The question of pets and beds have been a topic of debate for a very long time now and yet, almost all pet parents that I’ve come across continue to allow their furry babies to share it. While there is quite a range of health concerns which is seen to come from it, it’s actually very good for you! Of course, if you suffer from allergies caused by fur, you should avoid letting your pets in your bed or even your room but if you don’t, there’s really no need to have your pet feel left out and alone!

My dog never lets me sleep alone, even if it’s just a short nap on the sofa! However, I’ve noticed how well that’s worked out for me. Most people believe that having your dog sleep with you will disturb your sleep pattern and sometimes that is case. But often, I’ve noticed that people get a very good night’s rest when having a furry cuddling partner in the picture. But you should know that some vets believe that sharing a bed could lead to dominance and aggression in your pet. I think that’s why mine thinks he’s entitled to throw tantrums every now and then!

But in all, it’s really not an issue as long as it doesn’t cause any allergies and disturbed sleep. You will also need to consider if you share the bed with a spouse or significant other, you’ll have to keep them in mind as well. Remember, if you’re not comfortable with it, you can always train your dog to sleep elsewhere!

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    • nina weber
    • August 13, 2017

    I have had 7 dogs in my adult life, all have slept with me. None of these dogs ever had dominance or aggression issues. My positive training methods assure them security with me being pac leader. Dog pacs sleep together so for me it only makes sense that the pac sleeps together with pac leader constructing space for myself first & the others filling in around. I actually sleep more soundly & securely with my dogs. If I am away without my dogs there is a great different in quality & quantity of sleep I get. I train dogs for animal assist therapy so they have to be very social with humans & comfortable with the human /canine relationship

      • Jessica Almond
      • August 14, 2017

      This is great! Thanks for sharing with us! I really appreciate the insight!

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I'm Jessica, I love to write about natural pet health & safety.

I'm Jessica, I love to write about natural pet health & safety.

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I'm Jessica, I love to write about natural pet health & safety.

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