How to Get Rid Of Bad Dog Breath, Naturally


The Meat of the Matter

Even if your canine pal is a fan of meat, letting them eat it daily can be a bad idea. Consuming meat can negatively affect the dog’s breath. Therefore, before turning to any other solution for bad dog breath, start by cutting down on the amount of meat that they eat regularly. Worried that what you substitute won’t be as nutritious? That problem is easily solved. Add rice and vegetables for a more nutritious diet that won’t give your dog bad breath.

Being Pro about Probiotics

You might have heard all the noise and buzz that recent media has been making about probiotics and how it is essential for our health. You may be surprised to know that probiotics are also an essential part of your dog’s balanced diet. These good bacteria will help your dog digest their food completely. They will also help remove any blockages in their intestines. Additionally, providing your dog with probiotics has another advantage—it can help keep your dog’s breath from knocking you down! Try adding some probiotics to your dog’s diet and watch the difference they can make.

Treat Your Dog to Doggy Treats (DIY)

They are called treats for a reason. Dogs love it when you treat them! However, the doggy treats available in the market might be playing their part in giving your beloved canine bad breath. What you can do to counter this is make some of your own doggy treats. They are easy to make and will doubly serve as a solution for their bad breath. Mix together water, mint, and rolled oats. You can also make some doggy pancakes out of flour, pancake mix, mint leaves, milk, egg, and margarine. Slather some maple syrup on them and watch how much your pup loves them.

Know any other ways to help with bad dog breath? Please share them with us!

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    I saturate a piece of cotton or a gauze pad with coconut oil and scrub rub my Bentley’s teeth. I wear disposable rubber glove as well. Take a plastic spoon and fill it about half full with the coconut oil and dip the cotton or gauze into the spoon of oil and clean one side of the mouth at a time, you may have to dab again to do the other side, Then I let my dog lick the rest on the spoon (front and back) and that takes care of his bad breath for the night and the next day. He really loves the coconut oil and I love the good job it does in his mouth.

      • Jessica Almond
      • July 26, 2017

      Thank you so much! This is great information!

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I'm Jessica, I love to write about natural pet health & safety.

I'm Jessica, I love to write about natural pet health & safety.

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I'm Jessica, I love to write about natural pet health & safety.

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