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What Should Your Cat Be Eating?


Contrary to popular belief, cats are actually quite loving and affectionate creatures. You do have to do your fair share of work to get them to like you though, which means: pay attention to their food! One thing I learned after getting a cat was that cats are very finicky about their food. You need […]


What Should Your Dog Be Eating?


If you’re a proud puppy parent, then you must be aware of what a handful they are! When I first decided to adopt huskies, the only problem I thought I’d have was with training them, boy was I wrong. Trust me, I own 2 beautiful huskies and I think the biggest problem I face is […]


The Emotional Health Benefits Of Having A Pet


There are both physical and emotional health benefits that come with having a pet in your life. You may have experienced those benefits when you were feeling stressed or down and cuddling with a furry little friend made you feel better. Here are some reasons why pets can be good for your emotional health! If […]


The Physical Health Benefits Of Having A Pet


It has become increasingly common to find a dog or a cat in most households. It might have something to do with the degree of stress that we face in our lives, or simply because we love our four-legged companions. Either way, having a pet can have a healthy effect on our lives.   Dog […]


Best Grooming Practices for Your Cat


If you own a cat, then you must be aware of how much they like to be treated like royalty. The internet doesn’t even exaggerate! Cat grooming is more than just about pampering them but about making sure they remain clean and comfortable. Eventually, it’s good for their health. If you are struggling with cat […]


Safest Ways to Transport & Board Your Pet


If you are going to take your pet with you on a trip, keep one simple thing in mind: make sure your pet is safe and comfortable. Follow that rule, and you won’t go wrong!   Here are some tips to help make it easier on everyone!     Your dog goes in a crate […]


Plants That Are Toxic For Dogs & Cats


Even with all the effort that you make to keep toxic things out of your pet’s mouth, nothing can make them get over their penchant for eating what they feel like. Dog owners will be familiar with their canine chomping on everything it can get its jaws around, while cats love destroying anything made out […]


Should You Let Your Dog/Cat Sleep In Bed With You?


Being a mommy to a very attention-seeking puppy-at-heart, I can fully understand your trouble with having pets take up all your personal space, especially while trying to sleep. Initially I tried to make a separate bed for him but he just wouldn’t have any of it. Eventually I had to learn to have him sleep […]


Best Grooming Practices for Your Dog


When I first got my dog, I wasn’t really aware of how to groom him. This later resulted in constantly having a very dirty and smelly, overgrown walking carpet. Trust me, those first few months were not fun! But after doing my research, I kind of got the hang of it and if you’re having […]


Adventuring With Your Cat


I have always been keen on adventures and, when I became a proud mommy to my beautiful fur baby, I initially felt the need to cut down on the constant travels. But eventually it occurred to me, why wasn’t I simply taking my cat with me? After all, aren’t they supposed to have an innate […]


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I'm Jessica, I love to write about natural pet health & safety.

I'm Jessica, I love to write about natural pet health & safety.

My main goal is to help inspire you to find healthy and safety tips to be there for our little furry friends.
I'm Jessica, I love to write about natural pet health & safety.

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