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I love animals and choosing between getting a cat or a dog was one of my biggest struggles which were why I settled for both! While I love both of my fur babies equally, my cat is a little pickier and likes to stay by herself most of the time. It’s not like that didn’t bother me at first, it did because I’m the kind of person who needs to cuddle my pets every now and then. So, I decided to search for some activities that would make my bond closer with my cat, and I must say, these activities worked wonders!

Kitty Adventures

Here are a few activities I do with my cat which are both fun for me and her. If you’re a cat parent struggling with a similar issue, you should try these out!

  • Taking her out on adventures. Some may not want to go and others, like mine, have a natural love for outdoor exploration! You don’t have to go hiking for it to be fun (although hiking would be great) but even a trip to the park will help. Just remember to take a leash with you so your cat doesn’t get lost.
  • Make use of games. Bird watching, ball pits or even food treasure hunts will make your kitty love spending time with you. Remember, interactive play is important and is actually very healthy for your cat.   
  • Watching TV. It’s surprising how much cats love TV’s! Find out what shows will catch your kitten’s interest and watch it with them.
  • Boxes! It really comes as no surprise how cats love boxes. Build a fort and enjoy it with your cat.

They may seem a little silly, but these activities really helped strengthen the bond with my cat and now she won’t leave me alone. Even my dog gets jealous sometimes! You should really give these activities a try and see the change in your cat’s attitude.

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I'm Jessica, I love to write about natural pet health & safety.

I'm Jessica, I love to write about natural pet health & safety.

My main goal is to help inspire you to find healthy and safety tips to be there for our little furry friends.
I'm Jessica, I love to write about natural pet health & safety.

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